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I work with emerging businesses who have good traction but need stronger branding to reach the next level. My focus is logos, identity systems, messaging, patterns, and images that become the visual hallmarks of wonderful brands.

I might be the graphic designer you’ve been looking for.

We could be a good match if:

You’re an entrepreneur launching a new business, and you need branding that’s impressive to investors and irresistible to customers.

Your organization has been successful for many years, and now your corporate identity doesn’t reflect the company you’ve become.

You’ve tried working with other independent graphic designers, but it was a struggle to arrive at a result you could live with. There were too many rounds of revisions, and it wasn’t a good return for your money.

You’re a manufacturer looking for fresh patterned artwork to set your products apart.

Does one of those fit you? Let’s create a look for your brand that you’re proud of.

I work with a variety of graphic design clients.

My clients are funded startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses who need a new brand identity. I also work with large organizations starting a new division or launching a new product. I’ve worked with creative companies who need specialized logo design skills. My Designs have popped up at Broadchem Philippines Biopharma Corporation, 100th Cosmos Lodge Installation of Officers, TJN Pasalubong, Positivitrix, and more.

Typical Client Industries:

Education, Technology, Corporate, Food and Beverage, Financial Services, Health and Wellness, Creative Services. 

I love working with clients who are excited about their work and prepared to invest in the future. If that sounds like you, let’s connect! 

What’s the difference between a standard independent graphic designer, a big agency, and The Design Surgeon?

A standard graphic designer

There’s a sea of graphic designers out there—how should you decide who to hire? One approach is to decide what kind of thinking your project requires. Let’s say you need a logo. Many independent graphic designers (and companies offering cheap logo designs) are happy to dive right in and come up with some logo options for you. But sometimes solo designers get caught up in the details of executing a design and can’t see the forest for the trees. They fail to ask questions like “How is your company positioned among others in the marketplace? Who are your ideal customers? What appeals to those people? Why are you doing this business anyway, and how is the purpose connected to the visual identity?” If questions like these are important to you (and they should be), not just any freelance graphic designer is a good fit for your project. You might need bigger-picture thinking.


A branding agency

Maybe a full-service agency is what you need. Agencies have more resources at their disposal than an independent graphic designer does. For branding projects that are large, complex, and require many different skill sets and specialties, consider enlisting an agency. A larger budget will be required to cover an agency’s greater overhead, and in general, turn-around time will be longer than with an independent graphic designer. Be clear on the desired outcomes for your engagement. Months of meetings about brand ethos can be helpful for some companies, but they can bog down others who need deliverables quickly. (Not every logo update requires a 27-page rationale like the infamous 2008 Pepsi document that referenced the earth’s magnetic fields. I like big picture thinking, but outer space goes a little too far!) In general, the more risk an organization faces if they get their branding wrong, the more likely they are to allocate a larger budget and hire a big agency. For you, this might be overkill.


Best of both worlds

I serve small to medium-sized businesses and funded startups who need big-picture thinking to shape their graphic design. In other words, let’s look not only at your tree, but the forest where it’s growing. But I also believe in doing only what’s practical to get you to the next step. I value working quickly and efficiently. I want your investment in good design to start having immediate impact, and I believe I can help make your organization more recognizable and admired.

Published Work

My graphic design portfolio shows selected work for a range of clients. Projects include logos, brand identity design, prints and advertising photography. 

There is a big difference between Good design and Great design. Good Design is easy to advertise, Great design advertise itself.  


Award winning Design

• Adobo Design Awards

• IBPAP 10 years Logo Design Contest

• Oman Web Awards

• Pan Arab Web Awardee



Logo Design


No matter how good your feedback is, you always

start over with the next customer. 

“I would say, I am a number one design fan of this guy. I have been working with Ben with high level projects when I was in Muscat, Oman. Our marketing efforts became lesser as the creative work speak for itself. We save a lot of time. A true good design is not just how good it looks like, it should speak for itself even when you are sleeping. Ben never fails me every single project I work with him is a grand slam.”

Karima Karmouzi

CEO, Wallis Gourmet and SAGA Communications, Morocco

“The Design Surgeon is easy to work with. He was able to conceptualize the logo and design of our book cover based on how we wanted our book to look and feel. He gave three options for us to choose from. He was able to deliver it on time. He is an expert in his craft as a designer given his past work experience which made the job easier. We trust that he will deliver the best because he is passionate and expert in his profession. We would definitely hire him again in our future requirements.

Janice Señorin - Dela Cruz

Financial Manager, Co-Author of Couple Power

Unbelievable talent in web design – he can do chic, edgy, modern, classic. Ben is a great visual communicator, and great with client collaboration as well.

Rebekah Roque

Senior Project Manager, LWS Media

Design Surgeon is highly creative and a very easy-going person to work with. I had the privilege to work with him on a number of projects and I was impressed with the quality of artwork that he have submitted to me. He does concept design, hand drawings, vector artwork, photo editing and manipulation.. Great results, professional working attitude. Thanks again! 

Jorge Dollisen, PMP

Scrum Master, Project Manager, VRSI, Getaka

“I highly recommend Benigno Buenaventura A.K.A The Design Surgeon for creating book cover. The final draft was truly amazing and will put your own design perfectly. I admired his patience throughout the making of my book cover, good work, high quality of time and I will surely ask him again for my next future projects.  

Mhel Akamine Rubio

Feng Shui Expert, Author of Lihim at Hiwaga

Ben (The Design Surgeon) is one of most talented artist I know. Not only did he produce world class visually effective designs and artworks but also he produces a great positive energy bringing out the best in people. He is a good mentor who listens, a teacher not only in the creative industry but also in a creative’s life decisions for growth and value. He is definitely a master in the creative field, packed with wisdom, creativity, hard work, patience, integrity, dedication and experience yet he still has the openness and vulnerability to improve and learn much more. A real master keeps on learning.

Peter Banton

Entrepreneur, Sage Ninja

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